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We believe that from the first session in our clinic, patients will feel better physically and emotionally, than when they came in and leave with tools for daily pain and addiction management for their future.

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Could Hypnotherapy be an Alternative to Opioids for Pain?

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"...if hypnosis is effective at reducing experimental pain, there's reason to be optimistic it would have the same effect on clinical pain."  - Trevor Thompson, psychologist based at the University of Greenwich in England .

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About Us

Creating Emotional and Physical Wholeness


If chronic pain was part of the original issue that lead you into addiction. Or if you would like the added benefit of using hypnosis to access the underlying reasons for addictions, Healing Addiction Recovery is the integrative process that you need for a successful and long lasting recovery. We will evaluate you and treat you rmind and body, with Cutting Edge Physical Therapy techniques and Hypnotic suggestions for Pain Management and Addiction Recovery.


Hypnosis is a completely safe and comfortable state of mind. This deep state of hypnosis is simply a "focused state of awareness" not trance or sleep states. Where we can communicate messages for change to the subconscious mind and make the changes we desire in our lives.


Our goal is to heal both body and mind. With the combination of physical therapy and hypnotherapy, you can have better outcomes, your recovery be more successful, and your life be enhanced.

 As you might be aware studies (B.J. Hartman: Whittier College: the use of Hypnosis in the Treatment of Drug Addiction) show that using hypnosis in addition to other recovery processes increases the success of recovery by a surprising 40-60%. The mind-body process of hypnosis can change the neuropathways that hold onto addiction for relief of both emotional and physical pain. 


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